Global Link is a selective, one-month summer program in New York City organized by the Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF) for students of International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan. The main object of Global Link is to expose students to global career opportunities. We will provide networking opportunities with ICU alumni and others from a variety of professions and sectors. 

New York City
New York City is a vast and complex metropolis. It is a global city that has welcomed waves of immigrant communities from all corners of the world. New York is also a cultural and business mecca, home to Broadway, Wall Street and Times Square. It is also home to world-class educational institutions such as Columbia University, NYU and Juilliard. 
Since its incorporation in 1948, the Japan ICU Foundation has been based in New York City. Global Link seeks to take advantage of our location in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Global Linkは日本国際基督教大学財団 (JICUF) が主催する、ICUの学部生および1年本科生(OYR)を対象としたニューヨークを拠点に実施される1か月間の夏期プログラムです。 グローバルなキャリア形成支援のため、卒業生の職場訪問や卒業生とのネットワーキングの機会を設けます。

JICUFは1948年の設立以来、ニューヨークに拠点を置いて活動しています。Global Linkは、ニューヨークという立地を最大限に活かし、充実したプログラムを提供します。