Registration for Global Link 2018 will open on December 1, 2017.

Please check back on December 1, 2017. A registration form will be available on this page.

Global Link 2018の参加者の募集は2017年12月1日に開始します。







  1. 申請者の氏名、連絡先等の情報

  2. 大学での成績、活動等の情報

  3. 自己紹介、海外経験

  4. 小論文
    - Global Linkへの参加動機(プログラムを通して得たいともの) 
    - 今までの人生の中でもっとも困難な体験と、それを乗り越えた方法について。 (いずれも500ワード以内字)

  5. 推薦状












In order to apply to Global Link, you must be an undergraduate student enrolled at ICU.

Application Instructions

The online application has five sections:

  1. General Contact Information

  2. Academic Information & Activities
    This section will ask you about your student status, expected year of graduation, major/minor, and current GPA. You will also be asked to list any student clubs you belong to, as well as your interests and/or hobbies.

  3. Biography & International Experience
    In this section, you must include a short biography describing yourself. You will also be asked about any international experience you have.

  4. Application Essays
    In this section, you will be asked the following two questions:
    - Why do you want to participate in Global Link? What do you hope to gain from participating in the program? (500 words max.)
    - What has been the most difficult situation in your life? How did you overcome it? (500 words max.)

  5. Letter of Recommendation
    In this section, you must include the name and email address of the individual who will write your recommendation letter. Please note that your recommender must be an ICU faculty member, preferably your advisor. He/she must submit his/her recommendation letter through an online form. 

Decision Release

You will be notified whether or not you are accepted to the program on February 26th, 2017.

Thanks again and we look forward to reviewing your application.