Global Link was launched in July 2014 as an internship matching program for ICU students. That year we had five participants who interned for two months at several organizations and businesses in New York.

To compliment the internship experience, the Japan ICU Foundation also led leadership development, team-building and cultural activities for the group every Friday throughout the summer.

Here is a list of host organizations.

Asia Society

Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context. Across the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and policy, the Society provides insight, generates ideas, and promotes collaboration to address present challenges and create a shared future.

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

The mission of Carnegie Council is to enlarge the audience for the simple but powerful message that ethics matter, regardless of place, origin, or belief. Since our founding by Andrew Carnegie a century ago, we have been the one of the world's top creators of nonpartisan educational resources on international ethics used by professionals, journalists, educators, students, and the greater public.

Infinite Family

Infinite Family inspires and motivates teens and pre-teens with very limited resources or support networks in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling them to build the confidence, skills and global perspective that promote success. We are dedicated to providing long-term impact, using weekly video conversations to establish enduring relationships between adult mentors and vulnerable teens.

NTV International Corporation

NTV International Corporation is a United States subsidiary of Nippon Television Network Corporation. They were established in New York in 1986 for sending news and information from New York to Japan.


With nearly 35 years of expertise, PM+CO has roots in both marketing and branding, which allows us to work with a large range of businesses, from internationally known companies to innovative small businesses. PM+CO stands to help socially responsible organizations and companies maximize their positive impact in our world.